Terms of Service for

By joining (hereinafter – PL) I  – the user of PL – am absolutely aware and completely agree with the following terms of service and confirm that I will comply with each of these terms in particular and altogether:

Content Submission in PL.

1. By submitting articles to PL I guarantee that these are unique articles created by me or for me, and that I have full rights to do whatever I need with these articles, that these articles are not stolen or misused or acquired in any other illegal way. I bear full responsibility for the quality and legal aspects of the content that I am submitting to PL. And I allow PL to use this content for this project and its special offers in any way they deem appropriate. In case I submit illegal content to PL, I agree that PL can give away my contact details to the real owner of the content for further juridical distribution.

2. I understand and agree that after articles are published on the blogs of PL, PL has no actual control over this content, and I understand that other people can see my articles of PL blogs and copycat the content from the PL blogs. I understand that PL has control over the content on PL blogs only and can ask the PL blog owner to comply with the regulations of these Terms of Service.

3. I know that PL blogs have to obey to the Terms of Service published here and cannot delete my backlinks in my articles, submitted via PL. That is why if I notice any PL blog violating this rule and deleting or amending my backlinks, I will report PL support team about this violation.

4. When submitting my articles to PL I agree to do comply with all recommendations of PL about content preparation, article quality guidelines, choice of relevant blogs for republishing my articles – I understand that these requirements are created for the better value of PL and better value that it can deliver to each of its users.

5. Every article that I submit to PL must be unique, submission of one and the same text 2 or more times is prohibited.

6. I bear full responsibility for the legality of the web sites and/or web pages which I am promoting with the help of PL. PL is in no way responsible for the legality of the web sites and/or web pages to which I am building backlinks inside PL.

Blog Owners in PL.

1. By submitting my WordPress blog(s) to PL I confirm that these blogs belong to me or that I am authorized to take these decisions for the blog(s).

2. I confirm that I will not delete or modify (manually or with the help of any plugins or other automatic solutions) the backlinks, which are created by the PL users in the articles published on my blog(s) in PL or the content of the posts. If I delete or amend the backlinks or the content, PL has the right to switch off my blog(s) from the system or delete my PL account.

3. I understand and agree NOT to add to PL WordPress blogs that are created on free blog hosting like and others, because these blogs do not belong to me and can get closed at any second without my concern. PL will not accept this kind of WordPress blogs or other multi user (also known as MU) communities.

4. PL does not have any relation to the posts which are published on PL blogs not by PL users.

General Issues in PL.

1. I agree that when promoting PL I am allowed to do only legal ways of promoting PL and I am fully responsible for any negative consequences that I can get due to illegal ways of my promotions of PL.

2. PL team has the right to amend or completely change Terms of Service for, even without any prior notifications.

I confirm that for breaking the rules mentioned in these Terms of Service and/or by doing other steps that can lower the value of PL community my account in PL can get deleted, even without any prior notification.