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Hi {firstname},

Congratulations! It’s official - you are living in the age when people are fighting for targeted traffic.

We need it for our online shops and for our hobby sites, for our facebook fan pages and YouTube channels.

The war for traffic is declared! And this is a fact!!

A typical mistake is to think that you can get traffic only if you have huge budgets. Whereas quite often this is true, still this rule is not a dogma.

Sometimes it is just about finding a method which is not overused, and that is why I want to recommend you this service:

Within just a year this concept of building traffic from search engines has grown from the small “in the basement” project to a community of 46,000+ people who are – just like you – in demand for traffic.

Though 46,000 seems like to be a huge number, this is still a spit in the ocean compared to hundreds of millions of people who do not know how to build the traffic for their sites and web pages.

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Kind regards,
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Title: 2-Step Scheme for Checking Validity of Any SEO Product

Article body:

Getting targeted traffic from search engines is definitely great, but the market of SEO tools, strategies, products and services is really huge. And – unfortunately – not everything which is offered on this market really works.

And – one more time, unfortunately – bad SEO products undermine the trust of people into SEO in general.

It this article you will get a UNIVERSAL scheme of checking validity of any SEO product. After you have applied this scheme, you will be able to see whether any tools is going to help you to get high ranks in search engines (and targeted traffic), or this is another example of selling “thin air” to the public.

2-Step Scheme for Checking Validity of Any SEO Product

Step 1. Ask for proofs.

And this is the easiest part of the scheme. Because not a single SEO product is being sold without some lovely screenshot or a bulk of screenshots. So, you will not have any problems with seeing the samples of great ranks in Google or other search engines.

Step 2. Check the “difficulty” of the results.

And this is where the real nasty tricks are coming out from the shadow.

You see, when trying to sell a junky SEO product its owner cannot boast with great ranks for really tough keywords (keywords that have very tough link building competition). All they can do to lure you into the purchase is to show “cool” ranks for EASY keywords.

It’s the same to fighting with kids in your neighborhood and then boasting in a bar that “I kicked the butt to 15 guys the last week”, having forgotten to say that these 15 in fact were small kids.

Surely if anyone touches a kid in real life, this person will have BIG problems with law, and this is exactly the way this person should be treated.


… no one will have problems with law for boasting with ranks for super easy keywords. Because our judges don’t know SEO! And those who know – don’t know how to tell a tough keyword from an easy keyword!

Ok, How Can I See If a Keyword is Tough or Easy?

This is simple. All you need to do is go to, then you type into its search field the following phrase:
allinanchor:”the keyword comes here”

Instead of the “the keyword comes here” you put the keyword that is being used by SEO product as a sample of its success.

And once the proper keyword is there – click Search.

With the help of this unusual search query (allinanchor:”the keyword comes here”) you are basically asking Google to show you ONLY the sites that started to build backlinks for this particular keyword.

And if you see that the number of competing sites is really small (let’s say – less than 50 results), then this is not good. Because the competition for this keyword is really not big.

And if you see that ALL keywords, which are being shown by the product in screenshots, are less than 50 results in allinanchor search – then this is really suspicious. And trusting the destiny of your sites to products like this can become a real threat for your online business, because these products cannot fight for any more or less competitive keyword.

And if they can – why aren’t they showing these results on screenshots?!

Strange, isn’t it?

This is a simple, yet very effective way to check the validity of any screenshot. Use this knowledge to sort out the rubbish from SEO products that really help to improve ranks and get targeted traffic from search engines.


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